Drift Diffusion Decider

This is a little mini applet I wrote in MATLAB as a birthday present to a close friend.  It is intended to be a more fun and modern equivalent to a coin flip, and generates a random psychedelic image if the randomly drifting particle reaches the “Yes” boundary.  This can be used for any purpose where any sort of decision needs to be made, and it even allows you to tweak some of the parameters that determine how long on average it will take for a decision to be reached.  The inspiration for this mini-project is a form of model frequently used in the psychological modeling literature known as a drift diffusion model, which is used as a formal framework to model reaction time data.  There are relatively few parameters to set at the beginning and after that, the model can be run for very many iterations, and this will enable the generation of a distribution of decision times.  This distribution can then be fit to subject data and this can allow for quantitative comparisons between different conditions or populations.