ic_launcherMindfully is an android native application that provides a simple clutter-free meditation timer that allows you to track your daily meditations and provides reports on your progress and encouragement to meditate. At the end of each sitting you are able to use three sliders to input your level of concentration, balance-of-mind, and compassion, which are saved in a report that you can email to yourself at any time, and which are analyzed to provide metrics that help you track and grow in your meditation. Another feature of the app is its depiction of a growing chain of consecutive days during which you logged a meditation, each of which adds a link to the growing chain. If you miss a day, the chain is broken and you have to start over again. Finally, you are also able to choose from a pre-selected list of guided meditations of varying lengths to have a teacher’s instructions aid you to learn this very beneficial practice. The app will send notifications to remind you not to break the chain in order to keep up the motivation to maintain and develop the habit. It is my hope that this app will help people develop the momentum of the habit and inspire them to keep on meditating to reap the proven health benefits of daily sittings.

Screenshot_2015-08-04-16-42-18An example of the opening screen of the app, showing a 46-day chain

Screenshot_2015-08-04-16-58-53What the opening screen looks like with just one meditation logged.

Screenshot_2015-08-04-16-42-27The dialog interface for inputting the metrics of the meditation.

Screenshot_2015-08-04-16-42-43 The dialog interface for selecting a guided meditation.