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This is my attempt to develop a financial tracking android application that requires you to manually input all transactions in as frictionless a manner as possible.  When you open the app, you are immediately prompted with the numpad to type the amount of the transaction, and then a button press of the appropriate category is all that is required to log the record and update the cash remaining calculation.  In the screenshots above, the green dollar amount represents money left to spend this month and its color changes from green to red as the finances dwindle.  To avoid having to continuously re-input constant payments such as bills and other revolving money orders, there is a separate screen where you can input as many such payments as you like and they will automatically be included in the cash remaining calculation.  You have the option to add as many such payments and name them whatever you like, as well as to indicate the number of months the payment covers.  Finally, the app automatically detects when a new month has started and gently prods you to email your monthly financial report to yourself.

While the manual nature of this app may seem tedious and not very user-friendly, it is designed with those risk-averse individuals among us who hesitate to cough up online banking details to every app that claims to be the solution for personal finance management.  There are no such requirements with this app and it will never record any sensitive details about your bank accounts.