This is another thematic song that emerged at random and began to assume its own character and role, a feeling of cyberspace, OK Computer nostalgia, and robot love at the same time. As usual, it all began with a guitar line to which I added a drum line and then began experimenting with in combination with different sounds and themes and moods. In the end this space-age mellow tune emerged and I am quite proud of it to be honest. 

This is also a relic of my older music-making style which begins with one mood, changes to another, then returns back to the original. Eventually, I got bored of this formulaic way of making music and began exploring more spontaneous and random combinations of moods without any attempt to make them fit together coherently or conceptually. The newer songs emergent from this newer philosophy will be posted soon but I thought I’d keep it going chronologically and I still have not posted all of the songs I made under the old method. 

“Music is the melody whose text is the world.”    -Arthur Schopenhauer

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