The Day of the Two Poems

Splittingsplinters (nov ’09)

And the mind was split into two great rivers,
Raging their rages far from each other,
So, one cannot dip into the waters of one,
While wet of the waters of that great other,

And this is the stump that’s daily driven,
Pushing the two further and further apart,
How can we mend this hated division,
And swim through skin in the gapless Ocean,

I speak of the schism that you can’t bridge,
Were it not for you I’d be happy and blue,
Mind is the chaos of a melting mountain,
Random convergence flows into two,

Just like the gray of the day without ray,
Here in the land of the shadows we pray,
We pray for knowledge to connect the stances,
Not 1st nor 3rd, but all one big Blanket.

Drop the Past (aug ’09)

blade of grass shudders with urge to break itself
in a dull October painful leaves spread all around
arthritis stem buckles over swollen knuckles
and pop goes the memory bone streaming salty sap

hollow trunk squalid swallows rotten humid heat
wishes never stolen saplings’ water at its feet
aggressor greedy stretching over taking all the sun
push them in the ground the little ones we’re having fun

fist plummets into flesh crashes thuds and bangs
fist smiles ugly eyes a cold animal pleasure
fist feels locked in the wheel of viciousness
fist eating screams beating dreams to oblivion

seed sowed with salt from another person’s eyes
grows yielding bitterness drenched in salt and lies
ogrish ugly fruits imploding seeking for the end
asking pleading begging hoping desperate for mend

pity not those poor deprived saplings who soon forget
but lend a bleeding heart red and soft with sympathy
for such the hoary cripple who is damned upon recall
awake to see the defunct rose whose seed was ancient fun

beasts walk the procession
who is at its head?
to those who will transcend
first evoke all the way back

and shudder quake and tremble
and spread the salt around
lacerate the eyes with vision
char the ears with hearing

how else can past be dropped?

One thought on “The Day of the Two Poems

  1. I appreciate the comment, there man. No I know what your saying, but the thing is, I guess the most important thing is to be able to respect the other person's viewpoint. Unless your with someone who is similar to you, but i think that you wouldnt get into that kind of relationship unless you wanted it.

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