This is one of the last songs I recorded and, as usual, is composed of a main guitar line which alternates between two variations of the same chord, which nonetheless are made to sound quite different, with a main drum line and additional guitars and additional sounds recorded over this. 

It’s simplicity lies in the sense of alternating between a major and a minor of the same chord, highlighting the possibility of duality arising from unity, which is a fundamental instance of delusional thinking that plagues so many of us who battle with opposing notions and exert so much effort defending one side or the other. These can all perhaps trace their origin to the initial flaw in thinking which is the delusion of self vs other which nevertheless arises from the unity of existence. In truth all is ONE entity viewed from so many different angles that it appears, like the kaleidoscope, to be a concomitant of so many objects, fundamentally different from one another; therein lies the delusion. 

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