Finessed Force Field

This is my most recently recorded jam, borne of the inspiration by Reggie Watts’ incredible looping and eccentric music-making style, which stirred up within me sounds and beats that needed to be released. Instead of go to sleep, I stayed up in order to deposit the product of these fermentations fresh. As always, the name and the message are irrelevant and just supply me with a convenient label with which to remember this piece and give a conceptual anchor to the meanderings of the imagination that soaks in these rhythms. I believe I can feel a vibrating superstructure that oscillates and modulates with hidden geometrical precision and is made of beams of electricity and light. It has been perfected through years and years of honing in and cultivating the sacred forms, until it is ready to channel divine sparks through into this material hinterland.

May all beings finesse their way to the vibrating undercurrents of reality!

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