For Future Reference

engorge yourself upon the gorgeous hordes from wards’ rewards. flannel basking too succinctly upon this narrow bludgeon of cascadia. who dreamt that vicious tents can overwhelm and dent the least of the venerables? regarding guarding our regarding, must we be censors, sensors, or loners? then vicious wretches from nether valley crested with ever-fungal crustacean filaments membraneously bound towards fibers of silcone breasts that shiver without thoughts to whither as weathers converge upon isolates of magnesium. horrors whores must forge to replace sorrows and morrows with nought. wrath bought with blistering hands from meandering too vehemently within which sleeves tumultuously expand outwards at terrifying velocities. take a gander mister sander, our shipments conform to all required standards. randomly we die. randomly we birth. standardly we mirth upon this rotted core of earth. who’s got worth worthy of mass producing us and their progeny? ~ oOo penile excretions that saddle their beastly putrefaction with pleasure of unbounded measure together with 7 fine feathers of undying endeavours upon altitudes of sinusoidal suicides. a gay little lay makes the paltry thin flames that blame pays today. surrogate insects to keep my infidels at war with their innards and my organs. a barn-side jokester preying santis upon our sanity. a river-dwelling electrode inhibiting plastic from undulating. bundles of wreaths rapt in this platitude of ingenuity and kept alive by sweeping flies from their demise. we shall rise above and beyond this enterprise to horde the spices of zenith for tickles and pickles. while fickle our fingertips may be, a stick retains for all ages ever going and coming its heartfelt humility. yonder fences may well keep aliens at bay, but the leopard people are hungry too today. orange groves can also grow on troves, though henceforth forges will thwart our stones. 

beckoningly does the mist prate upon my slitted wrists. fume cupboards gladly consume residues unwholsomely that I exude. for future reference, this happened. a small smirk to a toad mattered. befuddled that this corpse i reside shattered. the bundled mysteries of delphi on dvd. mistake me not for a mystic taken from his elements. the elements have taken me condenscendingly to their subordinates. undiscovered force fields of nature tickle our little toes. speedily errant upon my goal-trodden waterways, i have yet to witness divisors. gall bladders, yes, but advisors, nay. when did utterances become utterly irreconcilable with otters? was it before or after the noon hour of any and all days? I think the latter: for what matter must the muskiest smelling among you not pitter patter for eons or rather. go out and gather. thy pickle bearing fingers to the tongue they gander. take a nickel from your father, the farther your wicker baskets will go. be wary not to carry them hither upon fresh snow. who knows whither of which ways that we are meant to go. i for one have encapsulated the universe undertow. to tarry is a hazard for what’s known. only the unknown has any hope to come a-croak. too many flames stoked, now is our time to choke. foolish folk are exceedingly pleasant and make merry and joke. verily we have blundered our ways asunder. the antelopes of the valley thank their sallow undertakers for believing in odysseus, while too many orangutans bear witness to the cosmos flipping itself sideways. a distributed cause causes not much more than what may be cause for concern. in an urn you may find a clever turn of events if the plot is asymptotic or otherwise uninhibited. thus we have arrived at the moment that we set out. thus we have become just what we always were. and though we cover our skin with fur, we expose our innards with myrrh.  

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