Journal Entry from December 29, 2010

Dionysus the pathology, say they that seek the -ologies. The drumming on the edifice, the cracking of the cemented asphalts. The sleekness of the hypostasis is not to be shat upon nor crapped upon, say these. It’s a rational superstructure of the utmost delicacy and extravagance. Elaborated by futile futons of fuhrers and futures. Young april moss doth trickle down the cherry bloss supinely extensive along fragile marks of ancient moths. Never near the nethers dear. Stay here and keep clear, drugs is a dangerous fear. Horses and horsemen from Norse to the source, at the north they make merry picking berries of dingle-ferry. The rush for such extra as a nexus of the foundation of being. For to be alone, then the lonesome soul sings us whole. Companions the minions we sneak forth. Drivel. Its all for jiggles wiggles, shits and niggers. Stab the giggle in the nipple. STIFLE it. We seek the lines that say straight and flow great. What about bends and swivels as downs and ups, squiggle squiggle squiggle, say little little kippers. Flippers switch sides in the modernity of times. Concerning the shaman of our stamen, some stomachs ejaculate. Plants guide? So why hide? Veridical ochre is the same name as the last game that stayed rain. Its an attempt to undertake gain without pain nor feign. Faint? Lol. Whose to call. Tumble tumble dry, as I fall fall out of the sky. Don’t rake it in without a grain of malt beveragings. Leveraging five billiard at Julliard, I can truthily say I cannot pay. Heave the weaves together and please please don’t leave. I’m so terribly lonesome, wholesome companies. Cosmic laughter titillates the rafters. Rooftops shattering splaying divine irony at maxima. What one wants without one’s wants won’t win in infamy; we’re here ‘ere we’re clear. I.e.e.g. Brain way’s wave bye bye from afar. The enchantress lays a temptress on the mattress for the audience and for a laden ladle. All for a lay. Untied are the gay, at long last can they today. Elsewhere’s a noose and a grave. Hereafter’s a goose and a pray. Mantis. Man tis a terrible flaw of tragic proportionalities together with ten commonalities amongst indigenous folk of the plains. Eve the knower of bood and gad. Glad to not now know not this nor that, tit for tat. We giveth and we taketh, we killeth and we maketh. In short, we made God from our imagined image of triumphant intellections. Then insurrections ensued. Crucifixions imbued the masses with hues like solemn glasses at noons. The moon howled wild minds unsheathed, released from nocturnes of sleeps of decadence. Vagaries of vague rogues in vogue, but wildebeests together with mild heats of rosaries uproot the inner idolatries of nationalities race and its profanity. Propane spill me from its ordained destinies to consume the sundry warts that pickle these flooded parts. True-dom freeth, like freedom that sheath. A fence that keeps and keeps. But keeping is essential from another angle. Not the blockade, the stockade, the chains, the pains. But the pains of the pains of the pains of the pains, these that those repeats the keep that we keep. And then whores come to gorge upon this forge of illumined. At other expense, pleasures dispensed, entertain mint for fresh, lest other rejects. Sucked through straws of felt, we felt the dryness of this hell. This is a hollow place to wallow, should they choose to swallow. The cult continues to pray, and follow: hallowed be thy name, Apollo.  

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