Journal Entry from March 8 2011

In intrinsic notions of everlasting purity of the heart that the meek cherish without fascination upon the many layers of horrid muck that sucks the trucks away without molding mildly upon sinews of wild juggernauts. Say to the clay makers and hay bakers of today’s drakes upon merry-makers the world over cast into a pit of putty that the slutty honey slithers and blathers. The vibratorial orators came to state thy biddings upon tides of the most glamorous orifices out of which bigotry descended unto our very marrow. Sorrow that this state of eclairs cannot take the childless from the edge of the world across gales of may that may or may not gain again. The stain is red upon being exhumed from its corollaries in the midst of a million barging thorough-goings-on when we bounced from within which we espoused our holy commandments. They once foretold of a solemn drought after which the snouts will shrivel to bitter doubts rotting the cartilage from within our very couch. This infestation will release the unholy from all wickednesses that pitiful men may dare not to exclude from many repertoires of fallen missiles that ceased to snag our breath and trap our snares with the beating of our yarn. The cotton stuffed rough charlatans that harried our palisades and broke through our forsaken ministries of barbarisms untold got kicked from the forums that we deserved not to lay I’s upon. This is not to say that point by point cannot yield ogres to sow seeds into the infertile girth of our penis. Merely claim damages to retain cabbages from the seasonal aspect-live in-order. Hastened were we by the ferries to drink goblets full of goblin juice obtained in most humane manner from the slitting of the throats, as nerves these poor saps have no care for nor dare for. Stare for too long at the air and your nose shall grow fair by the minutes. At any rate conceivable does the ray of slight chances escape our heavenly ascriptions. Horrifically our histories bombard us in order to gain a nuance of the gains that pawn us daily and tap our male-ness  for profit and gingivitis I suspect, for the poor losses undertaken by the naked are meager still compared to the colossal burdens that the called upon bear. Who’s there to care for the frail roots that waver in the air? The cruel boots that trample our sodden wastelands sicken all but our hair, flapping in the mare. Bare chests upon our cares, relived by the plucking of the uber-mensche from upon his fastidious rope bridge. The chasm swallows all, the false teachings cannot regurgitate me. The vomit smells yellow on this most fine of all days, hello! Yell if your anus is itching for a quick scratch upon this most mellow of all graves! Parasitically did they feast upon the beasts of the plains like so much dead weight that carries naught but a festering fate for the worms. Fruitfully did all this end at the very last moment when blooms of blossoms from buds that did stud the burly early forests of the dead savannah until many a creature entranced meandered and upheld that satanic principle. 

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