Journal Entry from Nov 7 2011

Oh bewildering world that swirls with winds of fury around
my curious spurious flurries. These whirlwinds of cataclysmic emergent
phenomena that coalesce at far distances bewitch the rational predisposition
and suspend living dewdrops from descending too vigorously upon supple fawns
amongst brisk atmospheres. The southerly timid mists that insist to mystify our
cysts came as crystalline edifices of vast structural harmony. A supreme tall
giant encircles time with its unwavering gaze that rattles our lattice-like
vibrating architecture. This phase yields the unfazed face that breeds the
loving embrace to which all hearts yearn. It is a maze that Theseus emerges
from to see Plato’s false fetuses feasting figuratively upon their own progeny.
To undertake such a journey catalyzes the air surrounding us to undergo violent
transformations that many will not endure. The most matrimonial of us made of
us a famed bust to trust though its rust eats it to the very core. This pattern
repeats until the fuel depletes and the burning is extinguished. The final
spattering of its material condensates spits out a rough patch for the
surrounding environ of its habituated past, those miserable boiling pots of
roiling restless bogs. But alas, the last of these is a notion of which I have
come to enjoy toying with. Perhaps the proportions within a breast are mirrored
as the proportions without. Therefore, that intuitive Russian was very right to
teach us that we are responsible for all and to all. As well that prophetic
Gibran preaches that temples are built spanning the entire spectrum of good and
evil as it resides within my individual rotting carcass. 

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