today was the summit of this mountain of lethargy which i have been climbing for the past two days along my path.

i slept a lot and could not get myself out of bed before over twelve hours of sleep had passed. i have felt completely drained of energy and there has been a sort of fog settled around my mind. however, when i awoke, i sat for meditation but struggled to gain mindfulness. i must have spent around 15 minutes squirming around trying to find the correct posture. all of this added to the distraction already present in my mind. and on top of everything, i was too lazy to apply any real effort to be present. nevertheless, i soon had reached the desired level of sustained awareness and was able to maintain this for the remaining 15 minutes of my sitting.

the rest of the day was spent in its entirety lying down in bed or sitting on a comfortable sofa, with a book in my hands which i would occasionally dip into. i am not entirely sure what is causing this intense bout of sloth but i feel quite helpless against it. perhaps it has to do with the fact that i recently disrupting my exercising routine and so i shall resume that tomorrow. i resolve to do what i can to end this lethargy as i have discerned that it is harmful to my path and it is preventing me from practicing the Dharma.

this picture was taken several months ago from my balcony and then edited with photoshop to give this melancholy mood that it has. i like it because the colors are surreal and cold and the composition is quite suggestive of laziness. one of my favorites.

“To be idle is a short road to death and to be diligent is a way of life; foolish people are idle, wise people are diligent.”
– Buddha

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