i stand on a platform,
floating, barely,
in an ocean of alien.

there are iron bars,
blocking any connection,
and giant boulders fence me off.

i have a screen, a view-finder to the world,
a telescope, binoculars,
look, tiny dots in the distance; menace.

pirate ships?
i see that black flag,
and i am scared, quick fortify.

i raise a flag, painted tough,
i’m shivering on the floor,
please go away please go away.

i’m sinking deeper,
and it’s storming raining words of fire,
i just want it to go away.

* ~ *

poor child stranded,
on an island you swam to,
and barricaded and isolated.

your adventures here alienated you,
the ocean of life,
turned into a life of strife.

* ~ *

how am i freed?
i have no strength anymore,
stagnation drank me dry.

* ~ *

stand up on this platform,
pour concrete down your orifices,
solidify and choose death now.

surrender to the ocean,
it’s all you’ve got and,
it’s all around you, no escape.

dissolve the walls with your eyes,
just open them real wide,
and don’t even so much as blink.

bring the whole world crashing down,
absorb the scary pirates,
with a monstrous hug of love.

truth shines out of the gaping maw,
and darkness be overcome,
emancipation actualized and not just visualized.

and you will die then,
and be born anew,
and be transformed, metamorphosed.

and then your barricade melts,
into this ocean,
upon which you now walk freely, at ease.

everywhere you go,
black flags disappear,
light flooding eradicating fear,

destroy these hidden jails of deceit,
let the lion dormant in your lungs,
roar to the world, a crazy howl of insanity.

do not let the ocean intimidate you,
you swam here willingly once,
now is the time to soar out, with wings of hard steel.

and embrace with understanding,
all the remaining prisoners,
rejoice in the work you know now you must do.

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