A smear of weak fear too near to hear. And we all sea,
smirks the ogre, fly –
No jumps but withered husks of trunks with rotted pus,
who’s knew, flew –
Ken bucks wild with child of photons from rusty neurons,
sea the fleas, release –
Suck the charming lad of shapeshifting substance. Not too,
piss to mist, liquify –
Yearns to draining urns of birds of play. Days devoured,
hoary squints, outblink –
Speak’s the twists with frock and switch. But no unless,
unmeant flips, unwill –
Probably not likely for mad-inducement to produce me,
whose write, ignored –
Trials for got rid of and vials to get rid of. Life festering,
trite white wounds, heal –
Openings ovations auditions ovulations. Will fully foolish,
Vase closed, cessation –

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