Pleasures and pains

Morbidly inspired, I draw my sword, this marking utensil, to paint romantic frescoes and horrible monstrosities. I have scaled the walls of skyscrapers built of ecstasy and descended down the spiral staircases that lead to the self-perpetuating labyrinths of otherworldly ghosts and demons. Out of these exploits emerges an embattled soldier, the remainder of a generation, like the skin of the peasant’s hands hardened to leather from decades of futile and disproportionate labor.

The tale begins with a discovery,
And thus is launched upon a journey,

Without intent or conscious will,
He traveled,
Farther than he’d ever been,

It was all too overwhelming,
And stranger still,
Than the strangest stranger of strangeville.

All signs pointed to the sun,
Our Creator,
Eternally conquering and deserting his throne, the sky,

And all gradients were positive,
dy/dx > 0,
On this most rational function of life,

So climb climb my body,
Spoke to him,

And climb climb the mountains he did,
For the gates of heaven,

With each added meter in altitude,
An inner peace doubled in tranquility,

Calmness and serenity,
In fact,
He left his troubles behind, on Earth,

The resulting liberty was expressed,
As a viral destruction of walls, of obstacles, barriers,

The flowers here are larger and more colorful,
The sun colors the sky beautiful up here,

The filters are removed, disconnected, decommissioned,
To draw a pure impression from the world sensed,

The truth is enforced upon our traveler,
The upheaval,
Uproots the depths of a mind in its altered states,

The peak is nearly upon him now,
Almost too overwhelming it is for him now,

In an instant everything is changed,
The gradients reverse their orientation,

The inflation is followed,
By a most undesirable deflation,

Falling miserably and helplessly,
Through the abject emptiness of within,

It is a jump, as from a cannon,
A launch,
Downwards and quickly reaching and passing ground level,

Now it is dark, devoid of life,
It is the nothingness of limbo,

But suddenly flashes of heat,
Are upon him burning his soul,

And the conflict triples in barbarism,
For every meter descended here,

The barriers are back and stronger than ever,
A select few permanent destructions,

The depth is lost to chaos,
Draining his life directly from his soul,

Mind spinning, out of control,
Lose it,
I’m about to lose it all,

As spontaneously as it had all begun,
He finds himself back on ground level,

But the ground upon which his feet walk,
Feels peculiarly weaker now than before.

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