Journal Entry from February 5 2013

an interesting spot indeed to pitch one’s tent. a lofty perch of lonely sky-scouring foul-mouthed and inflamed sorcery. upon these very branches resides a fractal that splays its syntropic feathers across sixteen outstretched and digital dimensions. the entropic stochasticity our venerables praise as the true, sigh a mellow tune, and write the damned signs, is only the minor half of you. why are these ineffables so intertwined and difficult to resolve? are we trapped in pits of pitiful verbiage? do we need an agent of chaos, or a stilling, or a stepping aside? the former confounds reason, runs the cart off the beaten path, smashes through concrete, and destabilizes the very foundations. the latter awaits the natural witnessing of this dismantling. 

on the one hand is a force of pure randomness, on the other its deep mythological significance. the reconciliation of these two hands is difficult when both are clenched tight in fist. one side paints rhythmic curves and flows from emotive moment to the next. the other scrutinizes the components and finds a distribution of probabilities, the wispy fundamentals flitting in and out of clouds indecipherably, sketching whose shape is the best we can do. 

what of our situation then? it would appear we do not even tread on firm ground, but instead traverse kaleidoscopic flux-fields pregnant with symbolic auras and incommunicable cosmic themes bulging with archetypal undercurrents. 

life is a self-limiting story. but the generative efflorescent tendency of the creative urge is still strong. information spawns endlessly in recurrent loops of self-excitation and differentiation. and each new loop spawns an infinitude of potential new universes from the bubble of individuation that is in this manner crafted. they say everything was created in an instant out of nothing, for nothing, and will amount to nothing in the end. we don’t have to argue with each other about this little point that feeble minds have trouble with, or any other for that matter. the universe is a fertile infinite-dimensional computer that is self-similar at all scales, and out of which is constantly emerging ever more interconnected and complex information aggregates. we peer into the past using potent orbiting transparent sculptures of remolded sand to find that everything started as a little point, which then exploded. this, however, did not happen in the vacuum of non-existence, which can be understood to be an incoherent notion if enough clarity of thought chances to examine it. rather it was the spontaneous spawning of one particular possibility of information structuring given a particular initial setting, within the field of all possible initial settings. we may even abstract away space and time, positing these as just one particular form that the initial settings may take. the span of all possible individuating methods can clearly be seen to be infinite, and for each one there is a universe that spawns and proceeds in self-contained information-processing algorithms, which may or may not be closed loops at any thinkable scale. in fact, scales are all relative, as in the fractal, where any amount of zoom is arbitrary and there are no minimum or maximum zoom levels. the universal process is to carry all the information that exists into more and more integrated states that emerge at ever higher scales out of the organization and orderly aggregation of the lower scales, until the original unity is reachieved and multiplicity transcended. 

so, while the seemingly random flux of which Brownian motion is emblematic seems to place us precariously on a branch overhanging an abyss littered with the infinite razor-sharp outcroppings of fatalistic and meaningless chaos, peering deeper into the matter reveals the synergistic self-organizing and spontaneously self-assembling cosmic story that grants us the wings to rise up and out of this primordial soup and into harmonious interconnection with all created information.

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