Journal Entry from November 15, 2010

Let’s just express the rest of this express play for today, the windows stain. Hey hey, why so say? Have a look at the bumble juice that’s been oozing goons from within perilous straits, I say. Yet can the conjurer of spells and the wilting ever congregate without weight of great sorrow descending? It is just a foregone conclusion of ephemeral contusions that leave their marks for ten generations of locust swarms that suddenly invade from distant plains, then flames asunder! The curses and blunders. But hey, hey, don’t be so grey, just remember that good times are never ablaze. In a great haze, the spirits rebellious rise from bellies of good mannered children to take place an effervescent confusion of sorts, blenders of blenders, in short. You may remain and say hey, hey stray stray and say straight, and you ain’t been playing straight. In plain sight for saints’ flights to feign fright then reign delight. Just another dazzled hazard to scaffolds. And another flavour replacement enhancement. Memories the tremor eats and passes out as urea. This is what the drummer beats with battle-softened yarn. Scarring with the glimmers received from glowing mirrors in wilted upper rivers that shimmer in the simmer. Approaching horrid backwater greenery festered with wounds of encounters of counters of centuries. These are the waters of passivity and specifically of a vagrancy in demeanour. Who here is not a believer in wandering with magical behaviors? Gandering at skies outspanning us in miles and growing much in size. Historic moments at escape velocity to merit a rodent in animosity. Build a mouse from scratch attach it to its ass, observe the colored bags, the animals are sacrificed, their spasms sufficient to enhance the askers and their tasks. This is not novelty nor nobility just lordly authenticity. All hail to the chief, the thief, the brief. Our times are now crimes? Framed for our lives? Obligated and ordained, entrusted, engrailed. Thrones are daily erected, and nightly resurrected. Jointly we are requested to file a form request it, then sign the form and post it. Papers that taper upwards at the lightest tasting of ruptures. Streaming freely straining reeling. Feeling fine, but sailing sines, surfing lines of monday rhyme. Hip. Sip. Tip. As if. Flip. Flip. Flip. As if.

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