Journal Entry from November 4 2010

How does the thing eat other things for breakfast looking like it is doing something noble and lofty worthy of the gods and their progeny. But this is too humbling for birds that only eat worms at the earlier sight of light from the rising ball of flames across landscapes and such. For what does this little express train of thoughts strain itself upon these tracks of rigid. The ringing of its bell awakens slumbering demons and behemoths from their subterranean caverns to break through the silence and ravage the territories. The shaking of the ground underneath the stars is too burdensome for the flies that glow their inner light from their eternal flights through skies unseen whispering songs of their loneliest days upon the hairy mammoths of the plains from the time before death till the time after birth. And hence we shall complete the story by an obligatory happy ending fashioned by the blind for the deaf until blindness and deafness are cured. The engines are dismantled and buried to form nutriment for creatures unheard of residing in the bowels of earth unearthed and decomposed for the new, the holy, and the sacred flowering of life. Rebirth, and the cycle starts again. Until cycles are overcome and we drop back to absolute zero. Entropy will not be spoken to, it is far too lofty on its perch in the annals of the natural laws, these absolute prisons of our minds, these iron jars within which the trauma jars and mars vision.  But eventually it will equilibrate and the cosmos will stop processing forwards on this train of inevitable progress, and so will this entail the end of regress, and eternity will unveil its face, curses will be lifted, and riddles will be solved, time and space converging to unity, existence annulled.

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