today was mythical and life was a story filled with mythology and meaning.

my meditation this morning was good and centering. something new took place today and it was a progression on the path. i was listening to the background sound of silence which lies behind everything and paying attention to it and i felt the way that sounds arise in the midst of a field of no-sound. then i moved my awareness to my body and realized that it too arose in the midst of a field of no-feeling. after body, i shifted to the scene i was witnessing and the same revelation took place: that it was there in the midst of no-seeing. and finally, my awareness centered on my thoughts. these too, i found, were born out of the same source, this void of pure awareness out of which all comes and to which all returns. after these revelations, i turned my attention from the observed to the observer, returning myself to that same void, that source. and i reconnected with my Spirit. i felt the presence of the silent, uninvolved, awake, and intensely aware speck of consciousness. as of now it is still a speck, but as i hone in and expand the connection i suspect it shall grow into a magnificent field of light. a shining beacon illuminating and thus manifesting a world out of pure chaos and nothingness by the simple and sublime act of observation. this connection i established in the morning lasted with me throughout the whole day. it was my sanctuary and my safehouse to which i would return repeatedly and whenever stress or anxiety began to stir. i would return my attention to the tiny buzz and then my body and then what i could see and then my thoughts and finally eliminating all of those i would see my pure Self, uncovered beneath the layers upon layers of physics. a core of pure awareness. a center of Pure Being.

another thing i have been attracted to lately is this new way of looking at the world that was introduced to me by Deepak Chopra in his numerous books. i have begun to watch the world unfold before my eyes much as though it were a mythological tale. or some other sort of story where each character has a certain role to play and a certain message to send. everything thus has a meaning and every event is a symbol of something deeper. everything becomes a metaphor. everything i see i immediately find a deeper meaning resonating within it. everything from science to carpets to people have some important message for me and within everything is a lesson to be learned. the important thing is to not take the world literally. this is my new perspective. seeing the world as a metaphor. a metaphor for the deeper Spiritual truths waiting to be uncovered from behind this literal and rational world of ours. i find this to be an infinitely more enjoyable and interesting way to look at the world. even if it is a flawed perspective and the physical universe really is the only reality and all of consciousness and awareness are purely physical and nothing really has any meaning and it is all just a bunch of atoms bouncing along indifferently, i would still rather believe at least that there is more to the universe. it is somehow more appealing and it is infinitely more intuitive. i look at all the people in my life and i see essential human archetypes that exist within me blown up and exaggerated and manifested as characters in the story of my life. each character represents a different archetype and each carries with them an important lesson to be learned.

this picture is of a carpet i noticed today on the floor of our house. as i observed its beautiful and intricate detail, i realized just how meaningful this wonderful little piece of art was. to me it represented the entire Cosmos and here i’ll explain why. as my staring eyes wandered along its beautiful designs, i noticed that it looked like there were layers of flower-like shapes surrounding more layers surrounding more layers until i came to the very center of the carpet, and it was…a single dot. this must have stopped my heart for a couple of seconds as i realized how profoundly this carpet expressed how i felt about reality. that dot in the center represents the silent observer, consciousness, the Soul, Spirit, God, whatever you want to call it. and all the concentric layers surrounding it represent the layers of the manifested word that cover and obscure and flow from the center. these are the various objects that arise in the field of awareness: physical body, sights, thoughts, sounds, smells, emotions. the whole universe exists because of the central focal point of awareness that shines the illuminating light and creates all. also, i realized that i had never noticed this central point because, like in reality, the various manifested objects of awareness are so many and so distracting and so large and solid and physical and mysteriously alluring that we never notice the origin and the source and the center and the force at the core of it all. it is hidden away by all the layers. this was a beautiful metaphor for me to add to countless others i have noticed and it was meaningful in many deep and intuitive ways.

“Earth laughs in flowers.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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