…when to be to see the tree and me the bee with she the flea?

but who’s to do the blue baboon with you the goon and your spittoon?

as they go play with hay and clay with rays of may all grey and gay,

so why the cry and why the bride on tides from skies of hi’s and bye’s?

and when can Ken be again with Jen or spend and spend for friends of friends?

and how will thou be allowed to vow or bow for snouts or rouse and shout?

and who can say what i may say or i mayn’t say for the sake of a lay?

and why oh why does the little one fly and big one ride on the back of a lie?

so when oh when doth the ladybird rend me a lady/bird send me a lady-bird?

or how for now or is it too loud for cows that speak just bow wow wow?

or dogs and oz together with jaws and all the flaws from hither, oh yawn…

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