Organic Sorcery

wondrous days dawn brightly for sudden sights;
wishes burnt nightly come trickling with the light;
organic sorcery ought these lost lives unite;
from which of the lofty planes of heaven did you alight?
I cannot fathom the inner workings of this grand scheme;
birds come meekly stealing glances at heavy meals;
macromolecular emissaries radiating out at extremes;
usurping hidden resolves for dissolving the real.
a vicious snare that smells entail –
suspicious of snails that cannot tell
weal from woe or friend from foe,
overtaken as they are by the cascading flow.
this documents the sowing of a seed,
whither from and unto what unseen;
this recounts of a page upturned;
nay! a book set down in a fire and burned.
boiling are the juices that gush through this animal;
violent is the sack that contains this raging bull;
deranged are the many that look only to take;
estranged are any that overlook their state.
finally I come to the telling of this cosmic happening;
were stars to align it would not be as maddening;
were worlds to collide I could not think it as poignant
as this sudden mere manifesting of the missing other half. 

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